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Station Motor Company has come together after 22 long hard years working in the retail motor industry, i had worked as a junior sales executive at first with Peugeot, 1992 on the J Plate..... West Bromwich, selling new and used cars, But had a massive ambition to go further within the industry i love !!, so after working in car supermarkets 9 till 8pm at night for year upon year, MG Rover Colliers, and selling the most New cars that A Rover salesman had Ever sold in a month ...72.. !!

I was able to help set up Mercedes Benz Direct, working for 2001...My Dream...

This was still at a very young age of 29.. & after a short time i looked after Mercedes Benz Kings Norton-  and then Birmingham Central, Biggest Mercedes dealer in the UK at the time !!

Starting to sound like a CV I know,,,,

Onto Evans Halshaw as Dealer Principal, Ford, Kia, Vauxhall.... onto Ferrari Dealer Principal, and finally to VAG Group (VW) to you and me, as a Trouble Shooter.


After dealing with all of the politics within PLC companies I’m sure we are able to offer you a service that you can only describe as Excellent, with an EveryDay Low Price.